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    My concept for the spa was to create a serene space for people to exit the hustle and bustle of this loud world and just tune in to the heavenly sounds. Our sign in our reception area says it all……”Take Time For The Quiet Moments as God Whispers and the World is Loud”. As human beings it is hard to hear or know our true purpose on this journey of life until we truly listen with our spirit. At Celestial Spa we have created that environment to relax, meditate and completely unwind. My journey into massage therapy began in 2000 after I graduated from Dove Star Holistic School. From there I continued to add onto my “holistic tool belt” with Belavi Non-Surgical Facelift Massage, Medicupping/Vacuum Mobilzation, Champissage-Indian Head Massage, Lomi-Lomi, Hot Stone Therapy and Orthopedic Massage. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach Hot Stone Therapy at Dove Star and spread the word on its many benefits. Here, at Celestial Spa, we include hot stones on almost all our services. I am absolutely grateful to be able to provide the space and these beneficial services to everyone that walks through our door.
  • JULI H.

    Being happy never goes out of style”. Lilly Pulitzer After a 18 months absent from Celestial Spa……I’m back!!! I’ve learned a lot since graduating massage school in 2005 about massage, people and the lemons in life that are thrown my way. My massage specialties include Medicupping Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, working with fibromyalgia clients and Belavi Facial Massage. My most recent lemon was a breast cancer diagnosis in 2015 followed by chemo, surgery (mastectomy) and radiation in 2016. I’m so thankful to be cancer free and back massaging once again. Two things are true after cancer treatment — chemo brain is real – LOL and life after treatment changes the way you think about the world around you. I look forward to helping other breast cancer patients and survivors alike with massage and medicupping and my knowledge I’ve gained from making my lemons into lemonade! Each massage I do is a unique painting that is customized to your needs.

  • Abby H.

    Abby is a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing in Myrtle Beach, SC.  She is originally from Greenville, SC.  As a young girl, Abby would give back massages to family and friends.  They all told her she had a natural talent for it.  Abby mostly specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage and hopes to branch out into more energy and holistic work.  When not doing massage, she can be found listening to music, playing cello, playing with her Maine Coon cat, or some 'Artsy' endeavor.

  • ALLI M.
    My mom took me to my first massage when I was 16 yrs old. That was the start of my massage love story! After high school I knew I wanted to be a massage therapist. After three years in the Navy, I went to massage school in York, PA and continued my education in Las Vegas, NV. There I grew to love Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy and Thai table massage. Most recently I became certified in massage cupping and will soon become a certified personal trainer. It is such a Blessing being able to guide others in healing with massage therapy and training. “When you touch a body, you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit and the emotion.” Jane Harrington
    I became interested in massage therapy after suffering two seasons as a college athlete with severe knee injuries. Upon graduation from Presbyterian College, I enrolled into Midlands Technical College’s Clinical Massage Therapy Program in Columbia, SC. I graduated in 2007 and began my life-changing career as a massage therapist. My past experiences as an athlete has given me a keen understanding of muscle pathology and sports injuries, giving my massage practice a strong emphasis on therapeutics. I have attended seminars on orthopedic massage and incorporate various techniques into each session. I hope to add more certifications in the near future, one of them being medicupping/vacuum mobilization. I am passionate about massage therapy and strongly believe that everyone can benefit from it, not just athletes

    Brandy is a graduate from Miller Motte Technical College. She has a very compassionate, intuitive touch and is extremely knowledgeable.  She specializes in Deep Tissue Massage and has received rave reviews for her services.  Once you have felt her healing touch, you will be hooked

  • KATIE H.
    Katie has been a licensed massage therapist in Myrtle Beach since 2006. With over 10 years of experience with clients on the table, she learned to listen to both what is verbally communicated by the client as well as what the body says during the session. Each session is tailored to meet the client’s needs on that specific day from nurturing relaxation to aggressive deep tissue manipulation. You know your body best and Katie is here to help you with all your massage needs.
  • Dawn Ungaro
    Licensed Esthetician

    Dawn has three years’ experience as an esthetician and is trained in Microdermabrasion,  Ultrasound, High Frequency, Micro Needling, Dermaplane, Chemical Peels and Waxing.  She enjoys helping her clients reach their individual skin care goals and to better educate them on their specific needs.  She is working towards obtaining her Phlebotomy license so she can perform microneedling with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). 

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